Sunday, April 1, 2007

Somalia Media Links

Here are some links with information related to the Somalia forum which will take place in the very near future.

-Click here for a country profile.
-Here is a historical chronology and here is a timeline of events.
-For a brief overview of the two factions click here.
-Here is the most recent story regarding the insurgency.
-For an analysis of U.S. goals in Somalia click here.
-This story includes a limited account of U.S. actions as well as a map of recent airstrikes.
-Quotes from various leaders regarding the situation in Somalia.
-A Somaliland Times article about the African Union "peacekeeping force".
-Another Somaliland TImes story. This one about insurgent attacks against some of the first "peacekeepers".
-Here is a statement by an Islamic leader encouraging resistance.
-Another story about U.S. air raids.
-Here is a link to the Wikipedia article about Somalia.

Thanks to Eric Wiesner for providing these links. We hope this enlightens you and prepares you for our discussion.

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